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Web Design and Development
Projects related to Web Development, E-Commerce, UI Design, UX Design.
Brand Design and Website Development for Momo's Malta
DeMicoli & Associates - Mangion and Lightfoot Ltd
Saint James Hospital Libya | Cyberspace
App Development
Projects related to Android Development, iOS Development.
ICON develops sophisticated internal Management System for MTA
Villa Bologna - Mangion and Lightfoot Ltd
Mdina Heland Project | ICON
Video Production
Projects related to Script, Animation, Video.
Nivea | ANCHOVY.
Digital Marketing Strategy Hili Ventures - Marketing Agency | ANCHOVY.
Digital Marketing Strategy for Alvimedica - ANCHOVY. Marketing Agency | ANCHOVY.
Brand Building
Projects related to Identity, Branding, Packaging.
Bezz Diving - idesign
How ANCHOVY. Managed A Million Plus Impressions For Palazzo Violetta | ANCHOVY.
Bow - Beyond Ordinary Weddings - idesign

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